My Approach to Practicing Law

My job is to guide my clients through and around the legal system, accomplish their goals, solve their problems, minimize their risks, and minimize attorney fees as much as possible consistent with accomplishing their goals.
I use creativity and think outside the box to solve my clients’ legal problems.

Because the legal system is so expensive, lengthy, unreliable, legally perilous, I counsel my clients to take a “business approach to law, i.e., do what makes business sense.

Lawsuits should be avoided whenever reasonably possible. I talk more clients out of lawsuits than into lawsuits. However, if we cannot resolve a dispute, and if it makes business sense to pursue it, I will aggressively and zealously litigate the case.

By keeping my overhead low, using technology, contract services and my 25+ years of experience, I can charge less while providing the same or better quality legal services as larger firms.

I cannot guarantee the transaction will succeed or that we will win the lawsuit.

I can and do promise:

  1. I will always put your interests first.
  2. I will bill you fairly for my services.
  3. I will respond promptly to your calls and e-mails.
  4. I will keep you informed regarding the cases or matters I am handling for you.
  5. As your advisor and counselor, I will inform you of your alternatives and their risks and benefits so you can make fully informed decisions. I will give you my honest and best advice even if it is not what you want to hear.
  6. As your transactional attorney, I will do my best to achieve your business goals, and accomplish your transactions, while minimizing your legal risks.
  7. As your advocate, I will aggressively and zealously advocate your position in court or arbitration within the bounds of the law to achieve the best possible legal result.
  8. In all of my roles as your attorney, I will use your money wisely and take a business approach to the law and the legal services I perform for you.
  9. If I believe another attorney can better serve your needs regarding a matter, I will give you a referral.
  10. I will always remember that you are my good and valuable customer, and without you, I do not have a law practice. I will always be grateful for your business.